Embark on a heartwarming journey of self-discovery with ‘Harmony,’ a delightful creation by children’s author Cristina Sicard. The story centers around Harmony, a lovable llama, who grapples with the perplexity of being far from his extended family in Peru, stuck on a farm in the heart of Ohio. As Harmony takes readers on a whimsical tour of the farm, the narrative beautifully unfolds, offering a poignant lesson in appreciating life’s simple joys. Through Harmony’s adventures, children are encouraged to reflect on their own lives, fostering an understanding that happiness often lies in appreciating what one already has. The book not only addresses the relatable theme of finding one’s place but also instills in young readers the importance of gratitude, resilience, and the pursuit of inner harmony. With its endearing characters and timeless message, ‘Harmony’ becomes more than a book—it becomes a cherished companion in teaching children the enduring value of appreciating life’s blessings.

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Sabana the Sloth

Dive into the heartwarming world of ‘Sabana the Sloth,’ where year after year, our endearing protagonist grapples with worries that seem insurmountable. Sabana, the lovable sloth, finds himself consumed by anxiety, convinced that his apprehensions will forever hinder his success. In the depths of his struggle, just as he contemplates giving up, a new friend enters his life, bringing with them a transformative journey of self-discovery.

This enchanting tale, penned by the talented children’s author Cristina Sicard, beautifully unfolds the narrative of Sabana’s resilience and the transformative power of friendship. Through vibrant storytelling and captivating illustrations, Cristina weaves a narrative that not only entertains young readers but imparts a valuable lesson about recognizing and embracing one’s worth.

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